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Satrop School’s Curriculum

SATROP SCHOOLS offer a broad program of study which includes an integrated curriculum of both the British and Nigerian curricula in our primary school, where we create meaningful experiences for our pupils through activities that encourage communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking and equip the children with the fundamental skills essential for academic work in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, Art, French Language, Social Studies and Diction.

For pupils in the early years, we focus on the Montessori Method of education. Teachers use a variety of teaching and learning methods to stimulate the pupils’ fascination and interest to support the development of skills, understanding, and knowledge in subject areas such as Practical, Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Cultural, ICT, and Music. As a bilingual school, we also teach the French Language.

Our children particularly enjoy the practical activities in each topic where they further develop lateral thinking skills. We have a curriculum that is supported by trips and projects that encourage the children to develop a desire to investigate topics further. We want our children to be interested in the world and become interesting people to be with.

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